Food and healthy nutrition


I have been working on getting certified into a healthy eating programme in order to help people like you (and me!) create better habits around food that are sustainable for life.

I have never been a fan of diets. I just like eating too much, so I cannot wrap my head around doing a low calorie diet, or juicing, or only eating celery for a number of days in order to lose weight. Even before I became a personal trainer, I was not that much into dieting, do not ask me why as I would not be able to tell you…

Once I became a PT, I learnt about muscle mass and body fat, and calorie deficits, and energy systems, and a bunch of other stuff we, as trainers, need to know to make sure you train safely and are able to fuel your body properly for the workouts we give you and your goals. Even after getting my PT certificate, some of this stuff is very confusing when then you get bombarded by the media about all these different diets, and what athletes and celebrities are doing to lose weight, how actors prepare for their next movie, etc.; if you then compare the calories you eat, with the ones you need to eat to lose weight, and have a look at the calories per serving in the food you buy… It is a nightmare! And to top it all off, someone then goes and mentions macros… It is no wonder people get frustrated, worried, scared, or simply give up.

The problem is that it is sold to us you can achieve your goals quickly and relatively pain-free, which let me tell you right now, it is not possible. Any trainer that tells you otherwise, is lying or trying to sell you something, or both. You cannot lose a great amount of weight in 10 days. There is no magic pill. And yes, you will have to work hard to get where you want to be. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… but I hope you appreciate the honesty and are willing to keep on reading.

So what then?

It is not all doom and gloom, my friend. Whether you need to lose one single kilogram (do you really?) or 20, I can help.

At the end of the day, we all know what is good for us and what is not. Salad? Generally good. Junk food? Not great. One cookie? Not a biggie. The whole pack? Ooops. So why is it then that there are so many people out there with huge issues related to food and eating, self-image and portion control?

We are not designed to eat calorie-dense foods. Our bodies are designed to be energy efficient, to save energy for whenever we need it to run away from a predator, or in times of famine. Genetically, we are not used to have food readily available to us (to our doors!) 24/7, and foods which are scientifically designed to make us want more. There are huge marketing budgets behind any foods you buy at the supermarket, teams of people whose only job is to create the perfect combination of flavours to prevent you from eating just one cookie. Most of the food we buy is not naturally sourced, or organically produced, it is manufactured in factories and laboratories. And then there is just you, trying to fight them and eat healthy. How can you win?

In the past I have tried tracking my calories, but if you cook from scratch, which I do most of the time, it is a royal pain on the backside. I have done an elimination diet in which I was not counting any calories and it totally worked at the time, but it was not designed to be sustainable for longer than a month, and it was so restrictive that any time I have tried to do it again, I have simply given up after a week.

With this programme I have for you, you can eat healthy, not feel hungry, not track calories per meal, and still feel amazing and get back control over your food and your health.

Tell me more

Let us be honest. If you are currently eating biscuits everyday at 11am, and maybe have a fizzy drink, you eat takeaway food on a regular basis, you have a hectic and busy life, you enjoy a glass of wine when you get back from work, or a beer… And I come bursting through your front door and tell you you are only going to eat celery and kale, drink water and meal prep for the whole week, you are probably going to fall off your chair (from the shock of me bursting through your front door, probably) and then kick me out, and possibly bill me for a new door. There is no way you are going to change your habits so dramatically all of a sudden, and anyway, who wants to eat just celery? Not me!

I can help you make changes gradually. Guide you step by step, so any healthier habits you adopt, you can maintain them for life. I am not trying to sell you a quick fix diet, or a crash diet, I would not try those myself, so I would not feel comfortable selling those to you. What I am trying to share with you is a way for you to become healthier, lose body fat, take control of your eating habits, and realise that yes, you too can change, and it does not need to be a sacrifice.

So what do I do next?

If you are fed up of not losing any weight, or losing it but putting it back on. If you have tried every diet and nothing seems to work, or nothing sticks, and you have had enough. Maybe the doctor has told you you need to lose weight. Maybe you do not have enough energy during the day. Maybe you cannot go up a couple of flights of stairs. Or maybe you are just trying to get a bit of better nutrients in your body. Whatever it is, you can still join me.

As of today, I still have 6 spaces available in my accountability group, a group of like-minded people, everyone on the same boat, trying to become healthier. I am going to help you every step of the way, with tips, videos, encouragement. You can get recipes, and even workouts if you are up for it!

The next step for you is very simple, you just need to fill in this application form. There is no cost just yet, this is just so I can learn a bit more about you and what you are after. If after doing this you are not interested, then you do not have to do anything else. That simple.

If, however, you are at that stage when you have had enough, I would love to help you reach your goals.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!