Bringing the step back to workouts


We are technically on week two of the year, and by now, a bunch of us have already started giving up on our New Year resolutions... We all start the year with the best intentions, we vow to eat healthier, lose weight, quit smoking and exercise more. Once the holidays are over, and we are faced with day-to-day reality, we quickly realise we were overreaching, dazzled by the baubles and the pretty Christmas lights, our decision-making process slightly impaired through chocolate and sparkling wine. The alarm clock goes off an hour earlier than it should and we really question whether we need to be that fit or healthy that we need to hit the gym at that crazy hour... I know, I have been there.

If your New Year resolution is (was?) to exercise more and lose weight, and you are feeling your motivation shaking a little bit, I got your back, buddy!

When trying to keep motivation and achieving goals, you need all the help you can get sometimes, it is all about accountability, as well as feeling you are not alone in this battle, having a structured plan to follow, clear goals and someone to help whenever you feel you are getting stuck. It also helps if the workouts do not take forever to complete!

I have just the thing that ticks pretty much all of those boxes! I know, right? How amazing...

Starting on 14th January, I will be coaching a new online workout. The programme involves 20 minutes a day, six days a week for six weeks. Everyone can find 20 minutes in a day (and I say this, fully aware my days sometimes mean working for 15-16 hours!). Ideally, the workout is done with a step, but you do not need to get one if you really don't want to, there are lots of ways to modify the exercises.


It's all done in the comfort of your home, or your garden, or the gym, or wherever you want to do it! They are all high intensity workouts, so you know you are going to get your sweat on. You can also track your food, and your progress, and I will be there helping you every step of the way, and yes, suffering through the workouts with you as well!

If I have managed to keep your attention for this long, let me tell you a bit more. The programme is by a super trainer called ShaunT (you might know him from Insanity and Focus T25 workouts), so if you know him, you know it is going to be hard work, but both ShaunT and I have your back, there are modifications throughout the whole six weeks programme, and I will be there to answer any questions. I am also part of his VIP workout group, so I will be able to share all the juicy tips, and pass on any questions you might have.

I know I keep going on about it, I have definitely been talking about it non stop to anyone who might listen around me, but that is because I am actually excited about it. I have seen Before & After pictures, and tried some of the sample workouts myself, and they are good. I already have a small group of people that have signed up and have been trying some of the workouts from the last month, and they have loved it, even when they have hated it! As I said, it is hard work, but if you follow the programme, you will get results.

If you want anymore information, just drop me a message or leave a comment below, and I will tell you more, no pressure whatsoever. In the meantime, you can check this info page, see what you think.

You might want to get on board though, because it starts next Monday!